About the organization

Twelve Points Revitalization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to inspire economic development in a historic district of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Established in June 2019, we are a group of community members who want to make a difference and help create partnerships that support economic development in the area.

The Twelve Points area, known locally as “12 Points“, is known to have a colorful yet intriguing past. Many buildings in the area were listed on the National Historic Registry in 2005.

By preserving the past yet making way for new businesses and opportunities, we want to transform Twelve Points with new economic development so that we can be excited about the district for decades to come.

This is an ideal location for economic development due to being within two miles of Terre Haute’s largest employers, Indiana State University and Union Hospital. This area has both high traffic flow and high foot traffic – it is time to capitalize on those benefits.

Our officers

  • Jennifer Mullen

  • Bo Turner

    Vice President
  • Suzy Quick

  • Karen Long

  • Delilah Rixner

    Events Chair
  • Schelia Romanelly

    Cleanup Chair
  • Jimmie Jeffers

    Beautification Chair
  • Mary Ann Mullen

    Fundraising Chair
  • Mike Pringle

    Economic Development Chair
  • TBD

    Marketing Chair

Our video

We invite you to play our video so that you can learn more about the Twelve Points Revitalization organization.

Our goals

Short Term Goals
Medium Term Goals
Long Term Goals

Twelve Points Revitalization Short Term Goals

We hope to complete many of our short term goals within the next two years; however, we realize some goals may require ongoing effort.

  • Keep the business district free of litter and graffiti. While this proves challenging at times, if we stay persistent, a culture of cleanliness will be created.
  • Be persistent with keeping sidewalks clear of ground clutter, such as weeds and cigarette butts.
  • Enlist the help of the city to get more trash cans for the area.
  • Get electrical connections updated in the Gold Medal Plaza at the center of Twelve Points.
  • Beautify the area with flags, flowers, and murals.
  • Assist current businesses in promoting their goods and services.
  • Hold fundraising events to help with organization incidentals such as maintaining a website, getting insurance, purchasing beautification and clean up tools, etc.
  • Hold community events such as “Trunk or Treat” and a Christmas Tree Lighting to breathe new life back into the area.


Decorative blocks with two filled in to represent a two year timeline

Twelve Points Revitalization Medium Term Goals

We hope to complete many of our medium term goals within the next two to three years.

  • Apply for more grants to be used for clean up, preservation, and transformation.
  • Hold community brainstorming sessions to get public input of what they would like to see in the area.
  • Partner with local artists to beautify the area.
  • Partner with property owners, leaders, and investors to create a thriving economic development plan.
  • Request incremental changes to damaged sidewalks from the Terre Haute city budget.
  • Consider creating butterfly gardens.
  • Conduct an assessment of Twelve Points properties to analyze soil samples with potential to remove underground tanks.
  • Obtain Wi-Fi access for the area.
  • Obtain redesigns of a Twelve Points Village.


Decorative blocks with three filled in to represent a three year timeline

Twelve Points Revitalization Long Term Goals

We hope to complete many of our long term goals within the next three to ten years.

  • Make significant progress with property rehabilitation and remediation.
  • See a significant increase in new businesses joining the area.
  • Installation of vision-impaired cross walk signals.
  • Increase the availability of additional parking.
  • Update and improve street lighting.
  • Secure the installation of security cameras.