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The Twelve Points Revitalization organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to inspire economic development in a historic district of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Established in June 2019, we are a group of community members who want to make a difference and help create partnerships that allow for economic development of the area.

The Twelve Points area, known locally as “12 Points”, is known to have a colorful yet intriguing past. Many buildings in the area were listed on the National Historic Registry in 2005.

By preserving the past yet making way for new opportunities, we want to transform Twelve Points with new economic development so that everyone can be excited about the district for decades to come.

The Twelve Points organization, with extensive community input and in partnership with the city of Terre Haute, has developed a new plan to be used as a guide to work toward the revitalization efforts in the district. We encourage you to take a few minutes and read through our new plan and join us as we revitalize historic Twelve Points.

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Twelve Points History

Twelve Points, and the Twelve Points Historic District, is a collection of buildings which represent the earliest suburban development in the city of Terre Haute, Indiana.

In 1889, a young surveyor named Walter Phillips was hired to lay out the lots for a large parcel of land which had been purchased north of Terre Haute. There were good reasons to believe that the development would be successful. That development became known as Twelve Points, named because of the twelve corner points where three streets intersect.

During the boom time of the 1920’s, Twelve Points was a lively center and was described as “a city within a city”. Yet despite the many challenges that have impacted the area, people and organizations want to return Twelve Points to its former glory.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Twelve Points, please select the button or navigate to the HISTORY page. You will be amazed at the history in this first suburban development.

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Are you interested in helping to change the future of Twelve Points but wondering exactly what is needed? How you can help? Where your talents and passions could be most useful?

Why not consider reaching out and see what different options are available? We would greatly appreciate your support and would gladly welcome your enthusiasm and desire to help revitalize Twelve Points.

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