2020 Second Annual Car Show

The Twelve Points Revitalization organization is invested into bringing exciting events to the Twelve Points Historic District. More events like this one will help increase everyone’s awareness of what Twelve Points has to offer and demonstrate how new economic development can help transform the entire district.


The Twelve Points Historic District will come alive Saturday with the second annual car show sponsored by the Twelve Points Revitalization Initiative. This will be the one of many events in the future to showcase our organization’s efforts to bring back activities and awareness to the new growth and restoration that has started in historic Twelve Points.

In addition to a car show, our organization will be conducting a silent auction and will have several food vendors available for your enjoyment.

This year’s Car Show is co-hosted by River Rat Rodders.  We would like to thank David Schields for all Car Show photos.



Date: July 11, 2020
Time: 9:00 am
Location: 1259 Lafayette Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47804
Registration Fee: $20
Admission Fee: $0 per person

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